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I briefly want to share with you the process to build your own business. The good news is: it is not complicated at all, I am quite sure you will be surprised, how simple it is.

This is how it works: we own a business that continuously generates passive income for us. We are convinced about the business so we are comfortable to recommend it to friends. They also like it and move forward recommending it to their own friends. And so on and so forth.

That is it. No more, no less.

With recommending the business the referral tree develops and generates income with a commission scheme. Looking at our part of the tree, we see people above us. These are the friends who convinced us to set up our business. We call them sponsors or “Upline” because they helped us a great deal to get up and running and continuously support us developing our team.

In the same way we see people below us. These are, our friends, and their friends, and the friends of their friends. We call them customers or “Downline”.

You see how it works, right?

Our passive income is generated from the consumption of our friends, who are all customers and spend a certain amount every month.

All customers are provided with their own, personalized website. It is used for all purposes required to run the business.
Especially for ordering and signing up new customers.

The basic commission scheme is very simple. Commissions as a percentage of the consumption value are paid out across 3 Layers.

This is the scheme:
Level 1: 25%
Level 2: 10%
Level 3: 5%

Additional commissions are paid for team growth and performance. Customers typically consume $150 per month.
The minimum requirement to be entitled for commissions is $40.

We benefit from the scheme with 25% commission on Level 1. To fully pay for our own consumption we only need to find four or five friends to work with us. So, we have a very short start up phase for the business and we can start making money very quickly. Monthly, commissions are paid out and a statement is provided via the online system.

The team is a living organization where new customers are added continuously. It is the task for everyone involved to support new customers. With the commission system a team can only be successful if they are helping one another. From experience we can say: it really happens and works.

It may look simplified but these are the five steps to build our own business: 

1. Sign-Up.
2. Understand the business and start referring.
3. Support the friends you brought on board.
4. Generate commissions.
5. Own and develop your business.

Working with likeminded people is very motivating and rewarding.

You now have a clear picture how the business works. Want to move forward and sign up? Yes? That is Great! I am looking forward talking with you.

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Copyright 2021 SysBizz LLC.

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