FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Getting in touch with the Referral Business System for the first time it usually leads to a number of questions. We summarized the most freqently asked ones here for reference.


What´s in it for me in terms of commissions?

According to the 3 Layer structure this is the commission scheme:

Level I 25%
Level II 10%
Level III 5%

It pays to be active and build a team around you, preferably with people who are interested doing the same. Strive to get to a min 3 Layer-structure in order to exploit the full commission potential.

Who supports me and who have I got to support?

A referral business works best if teamwork develops. Everyone has to look after and support their referral partners, primarily on Level I, ultimately throughout the structure. At the same time everyone has access to the “sponsors” on the upline to learn about the business structure and how to become successful.

How can I start to build my Referral Business?

Starting a referral business is a easy as it can get:

1.Sign up on our Life Plus page (Click Here).
2.Buy products worth approx. $100 (i.e. 100 IP, international points) monthly.
3.Refer the system to friends who do the same and get commissions from everyone on your downline.

Important: there are no sign-up fees or any other investments to start your referral business. Only consume your 100 IP per month.

How long does it take to get going?

You only need to sign up on our Life Plus Page (Please Click Here) and you are good to go. In order to combine the personal benefits of the products and the referral commissions, it this is required:

1. Your 100 IP monthly spend.
2. Your business (i.e. referral) partner`s 100 IP monthly spend.

After these two simple steps you are good to go.

What is “IP”?

As the products are sold globally and currency exchange rates are fluctuating, every product was assigned an “IP”-value (International Points) to make them comparable and in order to have a simple rule for the monthly consumption.

In the US it is pretty simple: IP and US-Dollars are mostly identical.


What is the Business Structure?

The Business is built on a classic hierarchical structure and looks like a layered organisation. However, due to the fact that each of the organisation members is both a customer and business owner, it can´t really be talked about an organisation chart. We rather talk about a system of customers who are organized in a sponsoring system, representing the principle that everyone can only be successful individually if the entire team is successful.

Overall, the business is a tree structure divided into numerous branches. The tree is limitless, i.e. every branch can develop sub-branches which function as separate businesses. People above, i.e. the "Upline", are committed to function as a sponsor and help new team members to get up and running. Likewise, as the structure below, the "Downline", develops, it is required to support them with everything they need to get going.

Comparison of Business Structure and Ponzi Scheme?

The comparison of our business structure with a Ponzi scheme is easily explained.

A Ponzi Scheme is not based on products and customer sales. It only targets that sign-up fees are paid which are distributed to the "Upline" in a payout plan.

As soon as no new signups can be found, the system collapses and payouts are discontinued.

Our business system is based on customers buying products directly from the producer. Commissions are paid by the producer based on purchase volume and a commission scheme.

Regardless if new members are added to the organisation or not, all customers are paid according to the commission scheme.

The only reason to make our business system discontinue is a breakdown of the producer´s business. This is very unlikely as it was founded in 1992 already and has been succesful ever since. There is a positive 30 year track record!

Important: we are not referring a startup but a grown, substantial business model with approx. 1.5 million customers and a business volume of approx 200 million US$ per annum.


Which Products are we talking about and who is the producer?

We work with Life Plus International, a US producer of nutrition supplements. LifePlus was founded in 1992 and decided to introduce a direct sales system soon after the organization was set up. The company is dedicated to develop and sell high quality products to enhance their customers’ health and well being.

To read more about the products please refer to our product page.

Where do I find background information about nutrition?

There are numerous sources online. This is a small selection:

- Mother Earth News
- Today's Dietitian
- Centers for Disease ad Health Prevention

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