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Want to Benefit From a 50 Billion Dollar Market?

We talked about our business model, and explained how to generate a passive income stream, based on Commissions and referrals.

This is how we do it: we select and consume products from a pretty large catalogue, to the benefit of our health.

At the same time we recommend the products to our friends and they consume as well. Our friends again recommend to their own friends and so on. It literally works in an endless structure.

Our Business Model is Based on Referrals and Commissions. 

It's as simple as that: we consume products and recommend to our friends to do the same: select from the catalog and consume.

Based on the consumed product quantity we receive commissions, calculated according to our payout plan. In total, 40% of the product value flows back to us, the customers.

With Commissions 40% of the Product Value Flow to Customers.

With an "endless system of referrals" a passive income system is genereated.

I’m sure your question now is: what are the products we are talking about. The referrals are in favor of high quality, dietary supplements, which provide minerals and vitamins, to our body. The manufacturer behind the products is,
Life Plus International, a company with a 30 year success story, headquartered in Batesville, Arkansas, USA. 

The Product Foundation of our Business are Lifeplus dietary supplements.

So, why is it a good idea to build a business, based on the foundation of dietary supplements?

Using an appropriate eating plate is key for a healthy lifestyle in general next to getting enough sleep and regular exercise as well as a low level of stress.

The key question now is: why consume dietary supplements while eating good food already?

The answer may be surprising: even with a healthy, fruitbased nutrition we have to be aware of a shortage of dietary content, especially vitamins and minerals.

Let's face it: the fruit we buy at the grocery store are not like “our grandmother’s apples” anymore. Today’s foods contain up to 40% less minerals and vitamins than 40 years ago, primarily due to industrial processing and soil depletion. 

From a business standpoint, with dietary supplements we are linked to an attractive industry. The market is huge, with an annual volume of $50 billion in the USA only. $50 billion is an incredibly high number, and for us it simply indicates, that there are literally unlimited opportunities. 

Building a Referral Business on Lifeplus followed thorough analysis.

Lifeplus was selected for their system which is second to none. 

The Lifeplus business structure is unique. It is key to understand the difference to direct marketing systems:

We don't "sell things". We are customers and "recommend the business".

You may know that there are numerous players, in the dietary supplement market, and now wonder, why we rely on Lifeplus for our business. There is a number of excellent reasons.

Firstly, the company is very stable, and has been in business successfully, for about 30 years.

Secondly, there is continuous growth. The product lines keep being refined, and they invest in quality and production expansions.

And thirdly, providing a high content of only the best, natural ingredients, is an undisputable company policy. 

Our own business benefits from a simple, and effective earnings plan which makes it easy to build a reliable passive income source. A very important aspect of the business system is:

- we are all customers,
- we all buy the products at the same price,
- directly from Life Plus.

And: we all are not bothered with sales, product inventory, invoicing and fulfilment.

All we have to do is place the orders for our own consumption online via the Life Plus Website. Deliveries are sent to our mailbox and we receive a commission check at the end of every month.

With Four Product Lines Lifeplus Covers a Wide Range of Needs.

Above general wellbeing the four product lines target important sub markets, especially weight wellness and sport.

Life Plus Products are developed to enhance health and fitness, to support individual needs. There are four product groups.

#1  General Wellness.
Natural vitamin and multivitamin supplements, combine multiple nutritional needs, to support health and wellbeing. 

#2  Targeted Wellness.
Specific vitamin and mineral supplements, are combined for key health functions, including Eye, Heart, Joints, Brain and Skin. 

#3  Weight Wellness.
Weight loss supplements, protein meal replacement shakes and protein powder products were designed for optimal support in reaching your weight goals. 

#4  Sports Nutrition.
This line of supplements helps to achieve your optimum performance. A three stage advanced system delivers complex formulations that are simple and easy to use.

Our Passive Income System is a Very Attractive Package.

Almost too good to be true: we improve our health and make money at the same time, simply with recommending the business where we buy our dietary supplements.

The four product lines contain at least four good reasons to improve your nutrition with Lifeplus dietary supplements.

And not to forget: with the Life Plus referral system you support your health, build your own business and help others to do the same. 

Tell me: where else can you improve your own well being and get paid for it at the same time? In total, this is a very attractive package.

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