#1 Life is About Time and Money.

Whatever you undertake in life: if you want to experience it, it most likely requires an investment in time and money.

We all have our own idea about a good or even perfect life. But have those ideas not all one in common? Everything we really want to do and experience taeks time. And most everything needs a certain amount of money. For instance, if you like to travel, it is very obvious that time and money is the basis. Like Reading? It takes a couple of hours after to bought a book at the store. Like to cook? There are almost unlimited options to find the right equipment. And the more you sophisticated you get with your dinner menu, the more time consuming the preparation gets and the higher the Bill at the grocery store.

Need more proof for our headline? Not really, I guess. Time and money are always to be managed and often on short supply.

#2 A Solution to the Money for Time Dilemma: More Time for Life.

Most of us strive to have a good job with a decent salary to pay for the lifestyle we dream of. The better the pay, the more responsibilities and expectations for performance and input in time. Regardless of the job title, for the most part we trade time for money with no way out from first job to retirement.

Even if life is good to us, with a decent job and a happy family, time is the bottle neck: there is a lot of time spent at and around work. We don´t have enought sleep, we don´t exercise enough, hardly spend enough time with our family let alone find the quiet hours to recharge.

If we want to work less it means less income. If we want more, we need to do more or find a higher paid and maybe more demanding job.

We may even need to move elswhere, go to where the opportunities are. Asked if we find this normal we confirm and even say, we love it. Yes, we love the challenge, the success, the achievements, the great house and expensive education for our children.

But one question remains unanswered for most of us: does it really have to be like that or is there an alternative route to reach our goals: with less work, more fun and a healthier lifestyle.

Needless to say that there is not only one answer. As a matter of fact there are numerous answers on how to avoid the money for time system. But: what is the answer for us?

However, he highest level of financial independance is represented by investors who are wealthy enough to bring their money to work. By investing into businesses they set up a system that makes money for them in the form of interest or dividends without directly being involved.

#3 A Proven System for Passive Income and Financial Independence.

Our business system was refinded and proven for over 30 years. Thousands of business owners use it and continuously generate passive income, independently from a regular job assignement.

Financial independance builds on passive income. Starting out as an employee or a self employed individual will unlikely lead to the role of an investor immediately.

So, let´s look into a business owner option where a system was set up that will allow us to generate passive income right away.

Owning a job or being self employed requires your presence at work. Active income systems cannot be developed into passive income.

In addition, a passive income system needs to be scalable so the input of our own time can be reduced as the business develops.

In order to be completely flexible and mobile the system should be set up as a Home Business so it can be done from anywhere at any time.

This is the perfect solution if we want to live at various locations and it serves our desire to have the business at our fingertips while we are traveling.

Understanding the Importance of Passive Income.

Linear income means trading time for Dollars. Passive income means cash flow with no direct link (or no link at all) between time and money. The 1 Million $ question: how to shift from active to passive.

But: what is the answer for us? How can we solve the problem?

Financial Independence, i.e. continuously having enough money to cover all expenses without work for a paycheck – is this for the 7 figure net worth class only or is it something we can dream about with a realistic chance to find a solution?

Let´s look closer. The chart shows for types of income in two groups. People with a job or self employed paid by hours live from active income. The input of hours is directly linke to the output of earnings.

The Flip Side of Trading Time for Money: Zero Hours Means Zero Dollars.

Having a passive income means: the income is not directly linked to the input of hours, i.e. ideally a system works 24/7 generating passive income.

One solution is to find leverage, i.e. having a team of people working for uns and contributing to our income. The result is a higher hourly rate for our own work, called leverage.

#4 Build Your Own Business on a Paved Path.

Having seen the benefits or our business model we now want to see what it really takes to get going. The process to build and own Our Own Business is surprisingly simple and requires five steps only.

Important Note: There's no need to worry about ending up in the desert with no water and food: we walk on a paved path, guided by experienced business owners who did id before with proven success.

Word of Mouth Simplified. This is how it works: we own a business that continuously generates passive income for us.

We are convinced about the business model so we are comfortable to recommend it to friends.

They also like it and move forward recommending it to their own friends. And so on and so forth. That´s it. No more, no less.

Generating Income. Our referral tree develops recommending to friends and generate income with a commission scheme.

Looking at our part of the tree, we see people above us. These are the friends who convinced us to set up our business.

We call them sponsors or “Upline” because they helped us a great deal to get up and running and continuously support us developing our team.

In the same way we see people below us. These are our friends and their friends and the friends of their friends. We call them customers or “Downline”. You see how it works, right?

Our passive income is generated from the consumption of our friends, who are all customers and spend a certain amount every month.

Online System. All customers are provided with their own, personalized website. It is used for all purposes required to run the business, especially for ordering and signing up new customers.

Commission Scheme. The basis commission scheme is very simple: over 3 Layers commissions are paid out as a percentage of the consumption volume. The scheme is straight forward ans simpel.

Level 1: 25%
Level 2: 10%
Level 3: 5%

Additional commissions are paid for team growth and performance. Customers typically consume $150 per month. The minimum requirement to be entitled for commissions is $40.

Important: with a 25% commission on Level 1, in order to fullypay for our own consumption we only need to find four to five friends to work with us. So, we have a very short start up phase in the business and we can start making money immediately. Monthly, commissions are paid out and a statement is provided via the online system.

Team Support. The team is a living organization where new customers are added continuously. It is the task for everyone involved to support new customers. And it needs to be pointed out: with the commission system a team can only be successful if they are helping one another.

From experience we can say: it really happens. Working with and getting support from likeminded people is very motivating and rewarding. The Five Business are the foundation for success and manatory for each team.

Business Building Blocks. Our experience shows that the basic idea behind our Home Business is so simple that it is easly underestimated. There is no reason for it and the opposite is right: it is easy to start, easy to develop and can be tailored to meet every requirement, e.g. as the primary income or in addition to other sorces of cash flow. It´s up to the business owner.

Whatever, it takes five buildings blocks to get up and running.

Five Business Building Blocks. 

1.  Sign-Up.
2.  Understand the business and start referring.
3.  Support the friends you brought on board.
4.  Generate commissions.
5.  Own and develop your business.

#5 A New Level of Stability in Life

Building our own business contributes to the stability of our financial situation. Let´s face it: we are talking about a stability level never experienced before. Two key indicators show us that we are on the right path. One - the foundation ouf our business lies in the growing health and food market. Two - with a residual income based on commissions we participate in consumer price developments. 

An income growing together with consumer prices is opposite to employee salaries. They lose buying power with price changes and usually get only part of it back with annual increases.

In addition, commissions reflect consumer prices immediately while salaries usually are adjusted with a delay.

The Internet Search Keywords "Biohacking" and "Vegan" were increasingly relevant during the last 10 years (explained in video). 

This is a clear indication for the increasing importance of health and nutrition in the USA. Our market, dietary supplements, is likely to grow globally with a rate of 5,5% per year with an increasing US market share.Consumer prices increased by 5% within 12 months (09/20-09/21)!

A Home Business with Three Stability Factors for the Family Income.

A family income needs to be on a consistent level to cover all monthly expenses. In order to keep our standard of living and level of savings up, the net salary needs to reflect the price development of all goods and services purchased.

Especially in situations with overheated markets and strong price increases this is difficult to sustain. Gaps open up which need to be covered. Obviously, the first idea is requesting a raise from the employer which may or may not work. "Compensation for inflation" often covers only part of the increased expenses. Ultimately, the result is a reduced buying power which can even lead to unpleasant and serious situations.

Our "Own Home Business" model offers the opportunity to generate additional income which can cover lost buying power, fully or to a certain percentage. Fortunately, the nature of the business - commission based passive income - makes sure it keeps pace with developments on e.g. the material or transportation markets. In addition, our business has a 30+ year long sucess story and is based on a growing international market.

In summary, three important stability factors are connected to our business model:

Stability Factor #1: Our business model is based on a growing market and likely to thrive.
Stability Factor #2: Additional passive income helps to secure the family income.
Stability Factor #3: Our commissions, a fixed percentage of the purchase volume, follow the product price without delay.

We are at the right spot just in time. Why not benefit from it?

The commission based business with three success factors is the right answer to current economic challenges. It is "more crazy" not to start with it than it is "crazy" to sign up.

#6 Closing the Retirement Gap

The Retirement Gap will be increasingly relevant for everyone aged 65+ . There is a billion dollar shortage in public funding with no solution other than savings and privately funded pension plans. Our business system can provide a crediblle approach.

Starting early enough top set up a system which provides passive income ist especially important as we are approching our retirement phase.

Currently this is reality: scientists tell us that 50% of Americans retire between ages 61 and 65. On other hand the same data show us that more than 10% work beyond the age of 75.

Certainly there are numerous reasons to keep working but a high share of this group will certainly continue to work because they simply need the income.

Maybe the "retirement question" is not bothering you at the moment. However, we are definitely not getting younger. And especially at age 75+, it seems to be a good idea to start thinking about an income plan for the time where working a full time job may become more and more difficult.

The referral business is a perfect option if started to build early on in order the secure our financially stress-free retirement.

#7 Bonus Reasons

It´s A Risk Free Solution.

There are a number of questions to be answered before someone decides to sign-up to the system:

1. Which input is required (own work and money)?
2. What´s in it for the business owner in terms of income?

3. What are the risks to fail?
4. What can be the financial consequences of failure?

As employees with the supposedly safe haven of a contract of employment we may get a little nervous thinking about becoming a business owner. There seem to be many risks to lose money and get into troubles.

But how safe are jobs? We need to be realistic about job security and face realty.

A job owners we are not as safe as we want to be for a number of reasons.

- Most jobs can be terminated with a two week´s notice  (in line with law and contracts).
- Job markets can sometimes be difficult making it hard to find the right position.
- Circumstances at work can be challenging making it difficult to love what we are doing.

Our Own Business gives us the chance to be the masters of our destiny. We can work as much as we want and we don´t have to respond to anyone. It´s only about our own aspirations and how determined we are to walk the talk.

Not to forget: it is not required to decide quitting a job and shift to the Own Business Model in a rush. We can start slowly and build our own system in a step by step manner, while working a job. Why not see how things develop?

Derived from Newton´s laws of motion, we need to know that if we want to have a roaring success (= Reaction) we need to be fully committed and do what it takes (= Action).

Business Rule #1: Required Action Equals to Desired Reaction.

The business is literally risk free. There are no sign-up fees, no contracts with financial obligations and there is no emloyee payroll to be taken care off.

In fact, it´s only about signing up on the producer's website and a $100 monthly investment. The $100 is not a payment for profit to the system owner but the monthly purchase value of products from the producer´s portfolio. Thus we are considered to be a customer and entitled to participate in the referral programm.

That´s it. No more and no less.

Unbelievable? Unreal? Insane? No, it´s not. It has been working like a charm for 30 years and still is.

But wait, there is one more thing: using the system successfully as a sorce of cash flow is not a self runner. In order to thrive and be successful, targetet activity is necessary, especially at the beginning. 

The system was built on a solid foundation, i.e. in cooperation with a sound and sustainable business. With a proven track record it offers the perfect platform to develop passive income.

It Works With a Rock Solid Foundation of the Business Model: Word of Mouth.

Our system builds on refferrals, i.e. word of mouth. This is the best and most efficient way of communicating our news.

The business model is simple and straight forward: Customers consume the producer´s products ($100 rule) and recommend them to their friends.

These friends also become $100-customers and refer the products to their own friends.

Thus, a word-of-mouth business system is built which generates passive income for all business owners who participate.

It´s hard to believe and nothing less but the strike of a genius to come up with this simple process as the foundation of a unique success story.

Everyone involved in the system benefit from word of mouth, the most credible way of communicating.

You Literally Can't Avoid Personal Growth and a Healthy Lifestyle.

Building our own business follows an important, life changing decision. It´s not just moving to a new job. It has numerous positive side effects we can hardly avoid, among them: growing as a person and most likely developing a more healthy lifestyle.

Challeging our Comfort Zone. Building our own business opens a new phase in our lives.

However, we can't avoid to face challenges on the way.

Our comfort zone needs to expand. More than once we will question the project, and wish to be back where it felt cosy and familiar.

But we know our path, and embrace many new opportunities.

Growth as a Person. New ideas are like seeds in fertile soil. Being watered and well looked after, they will grow continuously.

It's on us to let growth happen: from seed to strong and fruitful tree. The idea of building our own business is unstoppable, as soon as we fully embrace it.

Living an Active and Healthy lifestyle. Developing a new source of income is the goal. Having more quality time is a side effect, and a fortune we want to use wisely.

Living a more active lifestyle, is one of the options worth thinking about. Following a more healthy nutrition path is another idea worth considering.

We should not forget: with the new time and money setup, our lives change in many ways.

Following our Passions. The question is: what are we really passionate about? What would we like to spend, more time and money on?

- Beautify house and garden?
- Improve playing the piano?
- Travel the country?

Now is the right time to start developing plans. The change is is going to happen soon and we better be prepared.

Gaining Independence. Our business does not develop in a rush. We will see changes happen over time. Gradually the impact on our lives, will become stronger and stronger.

It will soon feel natural to own a business.

Be prepared to gain, a completely new level of independence. Get yoused to not responding to anyone. Ultimately we are the masters of our own system and destiny.

Developing Peace of Mind. Setting up a business to generate passive income and reduce the time for money making are the ingredients for our life changing plan.

But what is the maybe most important side effect of the new time and money scheme? It's Peace of Mind.

Our lives will calm down and we will live in a more peaceful and thoroughly relaxed manner.

Expect it to happen every day. All year round.

The Sweet Spot: Helping People While Making Money.

Now as we have a clear picture of the business benefits as well as it´s simplicity we can certainly see a very rewarding aspect: making people familiar with the business model and showing them how to generate passive income is a perfect way of helping them to better their life. 

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