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Attract New Customers Following Key Success Factors.

For the setup of the system, there is one key task: Attracting New Customers. From my own experience, and backed up by some research, there are key success factors, especially three of them:

Success factors for attracting new customers ...

(1) Identify your ideal client and make sure your offer exactly matches to what they ask for.

(2) Position yourself as the solution provider for the challenges your customer is facing..

(3) Follow up to make sure you find out when your customer is ready for a decision.

These key rules apply to any income generating system. Especially for building a customer network, they are, of great importance.

In addition, I have a rule from experience which summarizes our most important task ...

No customer will ever do anything for you only because you want to achieve something.

Without a specific need they are not interested in talking with you at all.

Think about your own situation: if you are not thinking about a new freezer for the house, how seriously interested are you, to hear about a terrific freezer deal?

As we are on a mission, to build our own passive income system, it is important to become the preferred, go to person for customers. The task is to make sure to have ...

- The right timing.
- The right offer and
- A relationship of mutual trust.

Relationships need to be developed, it requires patience and persistence.

I have been working with a very simple, and effective method for a while, to find customers, and step by step build a passive income stream.

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