An Additional Monthly Income of $1,000

Would it Change Your Life for the Better?

For most of us it is a challenging task, month by month, to make ends meet financially. We have our bills to pay and ideally save some money for emergencies or our retirement.

Lately I talked with Sheila, a super nice young single mother of two daughters. I‘ve known Sheila from one of my son‘s high school days. She‘s a brave girl and fights life‘s challenges head on with two jobs.

Struggling to Make Ends Meet Financially?

Working 2 jobs can't be a longterm solution.

But Sheila desperately wonders how long she will be able to sustain this lifestyle without burning out. And she feels bad because there is simply not enough time for her family.

Currently everybody in the family simply needs to function with nothing extra and a lack of quality time. With my business system in mind I called Sheila.

$1,000 Additional Income Per Month.

How much easier would life be with it?

Listening to her story I asked a simple question: how would an additional $500 or $1,000 per month, without having to invest much time, impact your life?

It took a couple of moments until Sheila answered: this would be awesome, a complete game change.

You know what? With a thousand bucks per month I could give up my second job and be a much better mother. I could play more, read more and have more fun with my girls.

Why Not Go For It and Give it a Shot?

Build a sustainable income within a couple of months.

I encouraged Sheila that reaching $ 1,000 within a couple of month is doable. We immediately started to figure out how she can build her own business. She is super excited and committed to a 100%.

Does Sheila‘s story sound familiar? Would an additional $1.000 a month be helpful for your family, too?


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