September 4, 2021

Dream of Perfect to End up Perfectly Happy

Knowledge Only Generates Results in Combination with Actions

Living Your Perfect Life is not an easy task. It´s work. It requires passion and persistence, even a good amount of stubbornness. A fair amount of pain, too. That´s part of the deal.

But it is worth it and at the end of the day there is no other option than to go for it. Life is a school and we are here to learn.

But learning is not enough. We need to act, review and keep improving until it looks perfect, feels perfect and in fact is perfect. Perfect for you. That's what matters, nothing else. There is one fundamental attitude to reach goals: FOCUS - Focus On Course Until Success. It´s super simple to remember, sometimes hard to do and in the end rewarding without exception.

You Have Got to Be Free. Get Mobile and Passive.

Let´s get serious: you may have the job you love or be self employed in the field you are passionate and to a 100% in your element. But: in the end there will always be a calculation to convert time into money.

Sooner or later and especially as you are getting older (it´s happening right now) you may reflect on this system and find out that only living on "active Income" becomes increasingly difficult. It puts you into a cage. And even it's a golden one - a cage remains a cage. In order to grasp why this is fundamentally important you need to know the difference of LINEAR and PASSIVE income.

You Have Got to Be Free. Get Mobile and Passive.

Selfmade millionaire Robert T Kyosaki wrote the famous book Rich Dad - Poor dad. He´s telling his life story from poor boy to mega rich real estate investor and mogul. Read the book to develop the desire to find a system which provides you with passive income, i.e. a flow of cash into your bank account literally while your are sleeping.

Depicted in a simple schematic, the "Cashflow Quadrant", Robert explains the end goal: generating passive income from investments made in the past. 

Developing a passive income makes you mobile and free in many ways: mobile to work and live from where ever you chose to be, flexible in your decisions and worry free concerning your financial obligations - now and in the future.

Play Your Own Game

In order to get going with a passive income stream we need to find a system we can set up, maintain and continuously grow. Building a real estate empire is one option, Founding and expanding a new business a second. Both require massive financial investments and are never risk free.

Referral Marketing offers a great opportunity: to build a solid, scalable business with virtually no financial investment. It is a perfectly legal way of directly selling products from manufacturer to consumer, not to be confounded with fraudulent Pyramid- or Ponzi-Schemes.


Books are the plane, and the train, and the road.
They are the destination, and the journey.
They are home.

- Anna Quindlen

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