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Understand the Business Model.

Understand the Business Model

This video is key for our understanding about how to build a passive income. It shows in less than four minutes how the system works and how easy it is to build a four-figure (and beyond) cash flow from commissions - without selling any products. Sounds too good to be true? Watch the video.

On our mission to generate passive income, I want to explain how our business model works. It is quite different from what we usually see. The striking thing is: it’s so simple and I want to show it to you in this video.

First, we want to see how the product travels from the producer until it reaches it’s destination, the end-customer.

In the classic sales path, the producer advertises the product with his marketing activities. Distributors take the product into their portfolio, and ship it to stores. At the store, locally or online, customers buy the product and pay the sales price.
About 60% of the sales price is spent for the sales and distribution steps and in the end the producer receives about 40% of the amount paid by the end customer.

I found a system where the producer avoids the classic distribution steps. They sell all products directly to the customers.
With the customer network path they avoid the entire distribution cost and receive 100% of the sales price.

Now comes the Kicker!

The producer does not keep the 60% savings on distribution cost for themselves. They pay them out to the customers, in the form of commissions, to reward them for recommending their business, and the products to their friends, in the customer network.

Now, this is super important: the customers in the network, do not sell any products. They consume for themselves, and recommend to others, to do the same. You know that word of mouth is the best way to achieve credibility, and profitability for a business. The producer has been successfully doing this, for almost 30 years.

And here is the next Kicker!

Only with buying at the producer and referring them to new customers, we can build a sustainable monthly passive income!

Now, I want to show you, how The Customer Network Works. In our example we look at four of the producer’s customers: Joe, Sheila, Jen and Frank.

They all buy from the producer directly via the online shop. For each purchase the producer owes, 60% of the purchase value, in commissions, to the customer network. The 60% commission is distributed, among the referrers, according to the payout key.

Now, let’s look into numbers and opportunities.

Inside a literally unlimited network, you build your own group of friends, who purchase from the producer, and benefit from your sub-network.

Building the group, is a question of simple math. In relation to the number of active customers, everyone adds to the network, the potential for commission grows.

Our little matrix shows examples with 120, 340 and 780 people.

The potential for commissions is based on the monthly purchase volume of each network member, and the number of people in the network.

Here comes Kicker Number Three!

Our second matrix displays, that a monthly 4 figure passive income, is within reach.

How does that sound to you? $7,800 per month in commissions, from a passive income source!

Let’s face it: Now it’s on You!

Are you open to move forward, and look into this money making system? Know more about …

- The producer.
- The products.
- How to get started.

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