Living Your Perfect Life is Not an Easy Task. It´s Work.

Be Happy, Healthy and Mobile.

LiveYourPerfect.Life: we set out a while ago to pursue a lifestyle that makes us happy, keeps us healthy an allows us to be mobile in many ways.

We found ways to make it happen. It still is and always will be work in progress. However, we managed to reach a good level on our journey and it feels just right to share how it works with people who have similar aspirations and seriously want to gor for it (as we do). 

Now is the time and this is the place for you to get started. Join us and become fellow travelers on our quest to find the best routes for The Perfect Life.

Marli. The Project Driver.

Marli Renoth is a Brazilian native, mother of four grown up sons and grandmother of two beautiful Texan girls. She traveled the world since young age, lived in Europe and the USA and is hence fluent in English, German and Portuguese. Currently Marli set up camp in Dublin, Georgia, USA, together with husband Fred and Brown Labrador Retrievers Ginger and Pepper (The Brown Gangsters).


The Renoth family lives an active life with a (sometimes more, sometimes less) well sorted out balance between business, workouts at the gymn and outdoor activities. 

They particularly love and enjoy the Georgian beaches together with the dogs. Occasionly "The Boys" stop by for dinner or a weekend, flashing back life to the times when they were still little and gave Marli a handful to do.Live Your Perfect Life is a matter of the heart for Marli as she strives to help and give back to people, feeling humble and grateful for the many wonderful things life has given to her.

"Don´t take anything for granted in life and be grateful every single day" is one of Marli´s life principles she received from her parents growing up in Recife/Brazil together with 6 sisters.

Our Relationships.

Value Basis.

We take the freedom to choose who we support and work with. Based on our five key values (Trust, Loyalty, Respect, Passion and Persistence) we work closely together. Building the foundation of "the perfect life" seems to be only possible on this basis.

Love, Health and Happiness.

As we experienced it in life, it´s all about love, health and happiness. These are the ultimate goals. And we also found out that the five key values are a good foundation for continuous refinement.

Our Understanding of Mobility.

Firstly, we love to travel and explore. That´s how we both came to the US an got the chance to meet. From our home base we needn't go far to enjoy exciting places with mountains and the City of Atlanta up north as well as the beaches down south. That´s geographic mobility.

A second field is the mobility of thinking. We are passionate about challenging our comfort zones and thinking beyond current limits.

A third mobility field is money. There are people who say "money is not important". Usually the have not enough money and struggle to make ends meet. For others money is everything. That can be problematic, too. We therefore value the proverb that money should not be everything, life has much more to offer. On the other hand, without money there are only a very limited options for mobility of any kind.


Why Are You Here? Our 7 Key Questions.

Let´s look at the business. In order to know which route to take, we need to know what motivates us to work together. So, let´s spend some time with these 7 Key Questions.

Who can escape them on the path to live a perfect life? 

What are your honest answers?

Which ones would hardly share with anyone and only give to your inner self?

1.  Do you want to be financially independent?

2.  Would you like to secure your retirement financially?

3.  Are you interested in having more time?

4.  Do you want to be fit and healthy?

5.  Are you interested in growing as a person?

6.  Would you like to meet new, likeminded people?

7.  Do you want to help others?

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