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Why Passive Income? What to Do? When to Start?

Let's talk about financial Independence and three important questions: Why think about it? What to do? When to do it?

1. Why think about it?

2. What to do?

3. When to do it?

Marli´s own story explains why these questions are important for financial independence. They support our decisions.

My four sons are grown up and I work full time at a company in the Automotive Industry. The company is a great employer and I like my job. So, I am not in a hurry to change anything. On the other hand, the job can be quite demanding.

A while ago I talked about it with a friend. She smiled and asked me what I would like to do if I was free to decide. “Ideally, work less and still make enough money”, I replied with a smile.


Why is working less attractive if you have a job you like at a great company?

There is a number of reasons for me, like spending more time with my husband and the boys. Or read more and travel more, as well as exercise more and spend more time outdoors. To name a few.

Financial Independence.

Peace of mind and a high quality of life require a stable financial situation. That's why our goal is financial independence.

My friend´s question made me think about it more often. At some point I decided to look into it more closely and I talked about it with my husband.

“Maybe you should talk about it with Cornelia”, he said. I don´t know if she´s still doing it but a while ago she mentioned a business idea she works on in parallel to her job.

I will text her ask if she is still in it and wants to talk with you”.

That´s how I got to know Cornelia. She works for a construction company and started to build her own business six years ago.

She gradually developed it and is now in the situation of financial independence. The business provides enough income to cover all of her expenses.

For the fun of it she still works part time in the construction company.


The key question is: what can we do if we want to achieve financial independence?

Cornelia explained to me how her business works. It is a simple model which generates a stable flow of income for her.

A Simple System

The system we use is so simple and easy to learn that it's almost too good to be true.

Of course I wanted to know more about it and in the end decided to buy into it. I now use the same model to build my own business based on referrals and commissions.

That´s what I do. I like it and it works like a dream.


Having financial independence as a goal and knowing what to do, the next question is: when to get started?

People ask me when to start working on a second income source. There are numerous reasons to think about additional income and there are many good answers for the right time to start.

My advice: start as soon as possible. Don´t lose any time, every day counts on your mission to achieve financial independence.

By all means: get started, as soon as you can fully commit to it. Don´t procrastinate and don´t wait for the magic moment when everything looks perfect. Accept imperfection at the time you start and strive to learn and improve as you move forward.


There's no reason to wait. Get started now and work on your business every day.

Make sure you have a realistic chance to work on your business for at least one or two hours every day. At the beginning there´s a lot to be sorted out. It takes a couple of weeks to get what it feels to be a business owner.

Live Your Perfect Life

My answer to the questions Why, What and When is a simple process for you and your customers.

It is all about helping you on your way to financial freedom with a simple business model. It s set up as a step by step process you can easily learn to use and apply.

Very important: I will provide you with the tools and support you need to get started and running.

Dou you want to talk about it? It´s great if you are curious and want to know more about it. Let´s do it and talk.

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