December 29, 2021

Emergency After Typhoon Rai – Please Help

150,000 Homes Destroyed. 375 Lives Lost.

375 dead and hundreds of thousands of homeless people – this is the devastating interim result of Typhoon "RaI". The tropical storm swept across Asia's largest Roman Catholic country last week. Governor Arthur Yap said On Saturday residents were in desperate need of international aid.

Typhoon "RAI"

A tropical depression was slowly forming since December 9, 2021. Then, on December 12, it became a tropical storm called "RAI" by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

After RAI passed Palau, it entered the Philippines overnight. 

On the next day, both the JMA and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) raised the status to a Typhoon according to Category 1 on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Approaching the Philippines, RAI quickly grew into a Category 5 "Super Typhoon" just before hitting the coast of Siargao.

After Typhoon "Rai": Philippines Declare a State of Emergency.

RAI has left nothing but devastation in the Philippines. At least 375 people have died as a result of the tropical storm.

150.000 homes were reported destroyed with more than 600.000 people without shelter. The government has therefore now declared a state of emergency to speed up rescue operations.

The United Nations Organisation (UN) Ask for 100 Million Euro for Typhoon Victims in the Philippines.

After Typhoon RAI's destruction in the Philippines, the United Nations is asking the international community for almost 100 million Euro of aides. In the severely affected areas, drinking water, food and emergency shelter are urgently needed.


Cebu is a Philippine province in the Central Visayas region and comprises the island of Cebu and more than 150 smaller islands and islets. 

The capital Cebu City with its flourishing port has sights from the 16th century that go back to the Spanish colonization.

Our Friends are in the Middle of Disaster

Our good friend and business partner for more than 10 years, Manfred Lakner and his family live in San Fernando, 30 mls south-west of Cebu City.

Fortunately the entire family with 5 children have survived but their house was destroyed almost entirely. In the same way, all of their neighbors in San Fernando have lost their houses, livestock and harvest.

They all need to rebuild their lives and need our help.

Images Show the Situation

Please Help to Rebuild the Village

In the middle of his activities to save his family and help his friends and neighbors Manfred has recorded a short video asking for our help. The video is in German, please refer to the subtitles.


Our village needs your help.

A severe typhoon hit us very strongly and hard.

As you can see here in the background, this typhoon has razed our entire village to the ground.

There is absolutely nothing left here. The few houses that are still standing consist only of the foundation walls.
Most of our villagers have lost everything.

To make matters worse, almost all farm animals have died, the harvest is of course completely destroyed
and thus the livelihood of the people here in the village is completely destroyed.

I would be happy if you help us to rebuild our village. Many, many thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Why not Initiate a Direct Help Project

Of course, there are the multi-million projects by e.g. the United Nations. But: why wait and why not help directly as we have first hand information and know who to support.

We set up a Gofundme Project hoping to find enough followers and supporters to help, quickly an without any expenses for organisation. Needless to say, all help for the fundraising and in the Philippines is carried out by voluntary supporters.

To support our campaign, please click on the Gofundme Button below.


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